July 4th, 2014

CHP Cop Caught on Video Viciously Beating Woman 93

By Carlos Miller

On the day we’re supposed to be celebrating our freedoms, a video is going viral revealing the true extent of our freedoms, showing a California Highway Patrolman pummeling a woman with his fists on the side of the road.

Her crime: contempt of cop. Essentially walking away from the cop while he was apparently barking orders at her.

July 3rd, 2014

Georgia Man Arrested and Banned from Sheriff’s Office for Recording Public Records Request 84

By Carlos Miller

It was just over a year ago that Matthew Haley was arrested for video recording on a public street corner in Georgia after deputies demanded his identification and he refused to provide it on the basis that he was not committing a crime, telling them that all he was doing was documenting the number of cars violating traffic laws.

Two days later on the Fourth of July, after having spent 12 hours in jail for obstructing, he was standing outside the Richmond County Sheriff’s Office in Augusta being interviewed by a local television reporter about his arrest when a pair of deputies walked up to him and demanded his identification again, accusing him of suspicious behavior because he was holding a cell phone camera, even though it was obvious he was retelling the story of his unlawful arrest – a charge that is still pending.

July 2nd, 2014

DEA Agent Assaults PINAC Crew Member for Video Recording 154

By Carlos Miller

Even though Florida law enforcement officers have pried into Jeff Gray’s personal records more than 200 times over the years for video recording them in public, not to mention opened a Homeland Security investigation on him, they still haven’t gotten the hint that he is doing nothing more than auditing them on their adherence to the Constitution.

This time, it was a trio of DEA agents who walked out of the Drug Enforcement Administration building in Jacksonville, demanding identification and insisting to know why he was recording their sacred building that can be viewed from public as well as from anywhere in the world through Google Earth.

July 1st, 2014

Utah State Trooper tries to Intimidate Political Candidate from Recording 39

By Carlos Miller

A man who was video recording a Utah state police officer rummaging through a woman’s purse after she had wrecked her car was approached by another cop who ordered him away on the basis that he was drunk.

But the only one person who was drunk was the cop.

Drunk with power, that is, believing that merely standing there with his hands on his hips while furrowing his brow would be enough to scare the man into following an unlawful order.

July 1st, 2014

Man Sues NYPD for Snatching Camera and Arresting him 25

By Carlos Miller

A man who spent 11 hours in jail after a New York City police officer snatched a camera and threw him against a fence earlier this year has filed a lawsuit.

William Paybarah, 24, was riding his bicycle when he allegedly sped through a red light, prompting NYPD officer Christian Rich to approach him.

Paybarah pulled out his iPhone and began recording. Rich told him to put the phone away.

When he did not put the phone away, Rich snatched it from him and arrested him.

Another officer later told Paybarah it could have been a weapon.

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